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The Aeria®8pro is a 1-in-3 alternating full mattress replacement system which can support higher userweight as a result of the cell design and system capacity with 21 cells where of 3 are static head cells. It is the combination of the deep alternation height and the rectangular cell design.

The Aeria®8pro is suitable for high to very high risk patients from 30kg/66lbs to 20kg/485lbs.

The Aeria®8pro XL and XXL can manage patient weights up to 250kg/550lbs.

The user interface is kept simple with symbols to illustrate the functions and alarms.


Aeria 8 Pro Mattress Replacement



These cell-on-cells have a rectangular shape with inner walls to keep them stable and a deep alternation height. The lower static safety zone stays inflated.

Smart Snap
The cell attachment, Smart Snap, firmly secures the cells to high up directly in the base to prevent the cells from tilting. The top of the cells has a rectangular shape giving a better patient comfort.

ProClean Base
All parts can be wiped off, washed or cleaned in washing tunnels. The unique ProClean Base design makes it easy to access and properly clean the base “by hand”.

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