An integral tool for healthcare professionals, caregivers and family members, patient lifts are designed to make handling situations safer and more dignified for everyone involved.

The Moeva® Sling range offers a variety of sling types for use with both swivel bar and pivot frame lifters. Designed to lift patients from seated (chair) or reclined (bed or floor) positions, the range is simple and safe to use in both home and hospital environments, with versatile options for general patient transfers, toileting and/or hygiene care.

All Moeva® Slings are manufactured from the highest quality material, in compliance with relevant industry standards. These slings will suit the majority of lifter products on the market.

Swivel bar slings

The swivel bar range includes five sling models and four types of fabric (solid, mesh, non-woven and SoftBreath) specifically designed for swivel bar attachment lifters. The range comprises three Universal slings for general lifting and two Hygiene slings designed to facilitate the removal of clothing during toilet transfers.

An easy fitting sling with adjustable straps to suit general lifting for a variety of patient positions, the multi-user models are manufactured from a re-usable, long-wearing polyester mesh designed to maximize air circulation. The mesh fabric allows water to pass efficiently through the sling, making these products suitable for washing and bathing.

Contoured for patient fit and security, each sling features:

  • quick dry quilted spacer material padding in leg and head support sections for increased patient comfort
  • brightly colored handles and adjusters, secured to the slings for easy access and visibility
  • color coded by size, the three loop support strap system controls positioning of head and leg supports

Disposable sling

The Universal disposable sling is designed for a single user only. Manufactured from a strong, spun bond polypropylene, the fabric has a distinctly more comfortable feel against bare skin, however it cannot be washed for multiple use.

Disposable slings feature a safety label that disintegrates on washing or prolonged immersion in water. This alerts the caregiver and/or user that the sling has been compromised.

Pivot frame slings

The pivot frame range includes four alternatives designed for pivot frame lifters. The range comprises two Universal slings and one Hygiene slings (only to be used in the upright position).

Contoured for patient fit and security, each sling features:

  • quick dry quilted foam padding in leg and head support sections delivering increased patient comfort
  • single attachment pivot clips and buckles for added safety and security (designed to suit most of the pivot lifters on the market)