Relieving pressure using the principles of “alternating pressure”, our products are made up of a series of interconnected air cells that cyclically inflate and deflate to periodically apply and remove pressure from the surface of the skin. Each product delivers a custom combination of specific features and functionality to match the needs of our customers.

Aeria® Product Features

1 - static head cells
The ‘pillow’ feature optimizes user comfort to minimize sleep disturbance.

2 - side bolsters
Permanent inflatable side bolsters aid in lateral stability while increasing the effectiveness of the one in three alternation cycle, giving the patient a higher level of comfort and increased security and making it easier to get on and off the mattress.

3 - hinged base
Profiling hinged base conforms to bed movement for better support and security when inclined, and enables continued pressure care in the profiled position.

4 - CPR release
The CPR quick release tag is conventionally located at chest height on the mattress. In the event of an emergency, pull the tag to rapidly release air from all cells.

5 - safety handle
Two safety mechanisms to ensure the handle stays in position and cannot be removed by accident.

6 - control unit
Pumps up to twelve liters of air per minute while remaining peacefully quiet.
Pressure level is fully adjustable to match individual user weight and comfort needs.
Visible and/or audible alarm warns when cell pressure fails, including power failure, low/high pressure limits and alternation alerts.
Rear hooks allow the unit to hang from bed ends. Alternatively the unit can be placed flat beneath the bed.
During static mode, alternation is suspended and all cells fully inflate for stable user handling or treatment procedures.

7 - reinforced air hoses
Reinforced air hoses prevent twists or kinks, maximizing air flow at all times. Durable nylon hose cover minimizes dirt and enhances design congruency.

custom designed carry bag
Our stylish carry bag for compact product transport or storage. Separate compartments store all product components and collateral, including simple usage instructions and our easy to follow Quick Set Up Guides.Wheeled bags included with premium products.


 8 - top cover material
Vapour permeable, waterproof top cover keeps moisture away from the skin while helping maintain ambient skin temperature. Multi-stretch fabric minimizes friction and reduces shear. Seams are RF welded, sewn and/or tape sealed for added bacterial protection.


9 - cells
Each cell connects independently to the mattress base for easy removal for cleaning or replacement. Mattress cells are made from premium quality TPU coated nylon for superior performance, wear and tear.


10 - zipper
360 degree, fully enclosable zipper with quick release functionality makes it easy to remove the top cover from a standing position.

11 - heel zone
Independent heel zone made up of five low pressure micro cells designed to provide individualized therapy to the vulnerable heel area.

cell in cell design
Air cells that contain an inner ‘static cell’ which remains fully inflated at all times to prevent 'bottoming out' and for added safety when mattress is inclined or in event of a power interuption. This feature also optimizes user comfort by increasing the clearance between inflating and deflating cells.


foam base
An extra layer of static protection to stop the user ‘bottoming out’ in the event of a power failure, three foam inserts slide easily into a sewn pocket beneath mattress base.