Aeda meets your requirements every time. With the launch of our new generation mattresses, all of the Aeria® mattress systems are:

cu-circleEasy to use

  • The Aeria® control unit has symbols to illustrate the function making it easy to understand how to operate the system even without the manual.

Easy to set up

  • The installation time is usually about 20-25 minutes. The green “check” light then confirms that the system is ready for use.
  • The mattress is easy to attach to the bed frame thanks to the short bed straps on each side.


soft-piping-circleEasy to handle

  • The new generation of mattresses are lighter since there is no heavy piping inside, only fabric. This makes them easier to install and move between patients.

Simple function

  • The Aeria® systems include all the important functions a carer needs without making them complicated to operate. Only the truly needed and simple features have been included, such as a cable management.

proclean-circleEasy to clean

  • The ProClean base feature allows you to remove the whole cell system by undoing four connectors, making it very easy to clean when using them for a different patient.

Life cycle management

  • Aeda only uses strong high quality fabrics which contributes to extending the lifetime of the products.

Online support documentation

  • Everything can be downloaded from our website, including quick set-up guides, manuals, specification sheets, service instructions with pictures, and information about pressure care.